Caution: Programmes developed by Festart LLC are protected by copyright and international conventions. Unauthorised copying or distribution of programmes or parts thereof may bring civil and criminal liability.

Registration of legal copy of the programme is free of charge.

Owners of registered copy of the programme will obtain:

  • Technical support, if needed;
  • Supplementary information about the product;
  • Information of a new version of the programme released.

Registration procedure:

  1. start the dictionary
  2. press the button INFO and thereafter the button REGISTER
  3. feed in your name and the name of your company (if any)
  4. press the button PROCEED
  5. check the correctness of data fed in and press the button PROCEED
  6. copy the ID code of the programme appearing on display
  7. select on page Festart the section REGISTRATION
  8. once more, feed your requisites and also supplementary information, in the registration blank. Take care and keep unchanged the style of feeding the requisites in the dictionary and Internet: the registration list is keyboard sensitive
  9. after filling out the registration blank press the button REGISTER
  10. having received the ID code of registration, revert to the registration blank of the dictionary and enter the code.
NB! Registration of older versions coincides, by and large with this procedure, however there may be some divergent operations.

Fields marked with asterisk must be obligatorily filled out.
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